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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012
7:03 am
Monday, November 7th, 2011
9:34 pm
First fanfiction!!!!
Title:The Love They Kept Hidden
Pairing: Jiraiya X Tsunade
Rating: T
Reason: Very Mild Sexual Content, Possibly violence in later chapters
Summary: What might have happened if Tsunade confessed her feelings for Jiraiya before he left? Haha i feel devious ;)

…And she watched him walk away. Unable to admit to herself the inevitable truth that he would never return. Tears collected in her eyes as her feelings of love for Jiraiya begged her to run after him. Unable to take it any longer, she sprung up from the park bench and began sprinting toward his shrinking figure. With tears flowing freely from her eyes, she began screaming his name. As he turned around at the sound of her voice, she slammed into him and buried his face in her chest, crying softly. “Jiraiya, you can’t do this…you can’t do this to me…don’t leave me…Please.” She hated to  beg, but she was desperate. Jiraiya looked down at her and smiled. He gently lifted her chin and, wiping her tears, kissed her tenderly. “I’ll always be with you Hime. You know that. Let me walk you home.” Jiraiya walked back to the Hokage tower with Tsunade by his side, a somber look still on her face. But Jiraiya knew her too well. “Tsunade, I know that look. What is bothering you?”  Tsunade looked at him with eyes that could break even the hardest of hearts. He knew right there and then what she wanted. “Jiraiya, with you gone, I’ll be all alone. Almost everyone I love will have been taken away from me…” Jiraiya looked at her and, as they approached the Hokage tower, whispered in her ear, “We still have tonight…” She smiled. “I knew you’d catch on, Baka”

Jiraiya carefully led her upstairs to her bedroom. The sun had just set in Konoha and it was a perfectly romantic night. The moon was bright and the stars lit up the sky. Tsunade gently blushed as Jiraiya removed her jacket, slowly unveiling inch after inch of milky skin. She lifted her arms and placed her hands on his strong chest. Her big amber eyes stared back at him.
Full of love.
Full of desire.
 Full of need.
Jiraiya carefully bent and kissed her passionately. Her emotions flooded her body and she was enveloped in this sense of perfection. She moaned slightly as he began kissing her neck; and shuddered as he moved to the exposed areas of her chest, leaving behind a trail of kisses. She wrapped her arms around his neck as they fell down to the bed. Flurries of kisses and moans of ‘I love you’ in between floated about the room. Jiraiya carefully removed her gray, kimono style shirt with his big, gentle hands. Tsunade’s lips curled into a smile under his as his hands roamed up and down her bare torso. He never would have imagined how perfectly his hands fit with her curves. They moved from around her breasts to her hips so perfectly he was almost convinced that he and Tsunade were made for no one else but each other. By this time, Jiraiya’s clothes had been shed and on the floor. He gave Tsunade, still trying to catch her breath, a look as if asking her permission. She smiled and said tiredly, “You’ve made me wait all these years. Don’t make me wait any longer.” She tilted her head back and her dreams were realized. Jiraiya carefully slid himself inside of her. Her breath suddenly left her and her eyes grew wide. All she felt was this perfect oneness with Jiraiya. “After all these years, I never thought it would be like this.” She thought to herself. What she felt was complete ecstasy with him and him with her. To the point where she was almost screaming with pleasure. Jiraiya had been with lots of women before, but this was different. It was never this full of pleasure. And she was like no other. The feel of her skin, the beauty of her face, the gloriousness of her moan. He loved her. When it was over, he just about collapsed on top of her. Trembling, he lay down next to her and cradled her in his arms. She felt so safe and warm in his arms. “Tsunade, I love you so much.” He told her as he gently held her. “Jiraiya, I love you too. Since we were young. But I never admitted it to myself. I was too afraid to get close to anyone after I lost Dan.” She confessed. He put a delicate hand on her cheek. “Hime, it’s ok. I’m here now, I’ve got you.”
 She smiled. “I know, Jiraiya, I know” and with that, they both fell asleep in each other’s arms on the most perfect night of their lives.

Tsunade awoke to a bright sunshine that blanketed her face. The birds were pleasantly chirping and a warm summer breeze came in through the open window. She smiled as memories of the past night filled her head. She could still smell traces of his scent on her skin. It was enough to make her shudder. Tsunade gently rolled over, expecting to see a still sleeping Jiraiya. She wanted to kiss him awake and talk about their future. But he was not there. The smile swiftly left her face as she sat up, holding the sheets to her naked body with one hand and the other hand pressed to her forehead. She began breathing heavily and began jumping to conclusions out of pure shock. Was he ashamed of being with me? Was he afraid I was drunk and would kill him when I came to? Was I not good enough for him? Oh God, was I not good enough for him? Was all he wanted a one-night stand? Panic arose in her chest as she figured out the real reason. He went after the Akatsuki. Tsunade flew out of bed, threw on her clothes, and began tearing up the room. She didn’t even know what she was searching for. After a few minutes of useless searching and scrambling about the room, something caught her eye. A note. It was addressed to her. He must have left it. With the panic beginning to settle and being replaced by utter dread, she slowly sat down and read it.
I have gone off to fight the Akatsuki. It tears my heart out to leave you now, after what happened between us, but it had to be done. I had to do whatever I could to protect the village, to protect Naruto, to protect you. Just throw everything you’ve got into that bet we made! That ought ’a do it! And when I win, I’m going to give you everything you deserved in life but never got. Happiness, Hope, and Love. Yes you deserve it all. Never try to tell yourself otherwise. I love you! I always have! And I’m grateful that we got to be together before I had to leave. Well you know why. Anyway I hope you truly understand how much I love you and why I had to do this. Thank you for everything.
See you around,
The tears started falling a while ago. She couldn’t help them nor did she want to. She was filled with sorrow and anger. Her world came crashing down, for she knew the inevitable. All she could do was sit on her bed and weep. She sat there, the tears falling, only to be interrupted by a knock on her bedroom door.
It was early morning in the land of fire. Jiraiya sat on a tree branch only miles away from the border. He tried shaking the feelings of hatred for himself, but to no avail. I left her. I can’t believe I left her. After she begged me not to. What kind of disgusting person does that? He felt so disgusted in himself, he had to stop and throw up maybe once or twice. He knew he had to do something about this feeling. He told himself when he returned, they would go and get married, pour their love out to each other, and live a happy life. He used this as a motive to persevere. To never give up. That was his ‘nindo’. And he was ready to give everything for her. Not long after, Jiraiya came to a familiar sight. One he had seen some 30 years before. The land of Amekagure; the land of the Hidden Rain.

Author's Note: So what did you think? its not finished yet so additional chapters may change with what i have in mind. im open for ideas also! please review!!!

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Sunday, May 29th, 2011
8:15 pm
50 Sentences of Jiraiya/Tsunade
Title: You and Me of the Thousand Years
Author: jusrecht
Pairing: Jiraiya/Tsunade
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): SPOILERS up to chapter 383. Much abuse of dash and semicolon.

( the white-haired boy in the picture only smiled )
Wednesday, December 8th, 2010
4:04 am
Wednesday, September 30th, 2009
2:05 am
Fan art of Tsunade, based not so much on the idea of the song "Poker face" but on the fact that that songs existence has me hearing the term roughly 80 times a day.

A little gamblin' is fun when you're with meCollapse )
Thursday, December 25th, 2008
11:03 pm
Fic: "Deadbeat"
Title: Deadbeat
Author: redbrunja
Fandom: Naruto.
Rating: R
Author’s Note: written for </a></b></a>nimblnymph . Merry Christmas.
Characters: Jiraiya, Tsunade.
Summery: "Tsunade raised good kids. Jiraiya just knew how to leave them behind."


Wednesday, September 24th, 2008
5:27 pm
Some fanart I finished for a recent con:

Full size, and the lyrics that inspired it.Collapse )
Monday, July 28th, 2008
6:31 am
After thinking over a few songs and really listening to the lyrics on one of them on my drive home from work, I started thinking that I should put together a Tsunade/Jiraiya FST. So, below you will find the product of at least three days work (and another two commutes before that). The result? My very first fanmix! \o/

Fanmix found here

x-posted all over, sorry for any f-list spam >_

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Thursday, July 17th, 2008
6:16 pm
JiraTsu song
It's a song that maybe most of you probably won't know- as it came out around the mid 70's:
Neil Diamond's "Longfellow Serenade". I was listening to it again recently and realized it almost sounds like Jiraiya's feelings and dreams about Tsunade.

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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008
1:48 am
Thought I'd let everyone know we're up and running again.


And if anyone is interested and also likes these pairings, these clubs are up and running again also.

Monday, June 30th, 2008
1:45 am
[FIC] In the Rain
Title: In the Rain
Author: oceanica/Picklesticks@FF.N
Characters/Pairings: Tsunade/Dan, Tsunade+Jiraiya
Warnings: Death, angst
Word Count: 1,343
Summary: Thirty years apart, Tsunade mourns
Notes: Written for yamikinoko for the June round of naruto_flashfic.

To say that the sky wept with her was to say that she was not alone in her grief.
Wednesday, March 12th, 2008
3:57 pm
Hello community!
Hi there!  I'm a big supporter of the Jiraiya x Tsunade pairing, and also just a big fan of the characters in general.  I have a couple of cosplay pictures to provide from Anime Expo that I thought you may enjoy.  :D  

First here's a Jiraitsu picture taken with  my now ex-girlfriend.  She's my best friend though.  :P :(  (No worries, it's rated PG.)    But me as Jiraiya, and Forsythia as Tsunade.


and here's just a single shot of me as Jiraiya


Hope that you enjoyed it, and once again, glad to be part of the community!


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Saturday, December 8th, 2007
12:53 am
A JirTsu story for you! <3

So I have a JirTsu story for you all to read! <3

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Wednesday, December 5th, 2007
9:50 pm
 Hi everyone! I'm contributing to the ever-growing couple JirTsu <3 Expect some writing pieces from ne soon, 'kay? =D

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Thursday, November 8th, 2007
7:24 pm
Ok, if I wasn't a lazy bum I'd actually make a Jira/Tsu(or just Sannin) fan album, or whatever, but I'm lazy, and got like...3 songs in and know I'll never get farther. So I thought I'd share the songs I had. And this isn't all nifty neat with arts, and you need Imeem to listen to the songs (It's free tho)*


Tsunade to Jiraiya

Too many times I've cared too much
I stood on the edge and saw that you held my hand
And knowing too well I couldn't hide from those eyes
Please, don't let me fall in love with you again
Don't let me fall in love with you again

When did your heart go missing-Rooney (you tube, cause Imeem only had 30 seconds of it. Fail.)

Jiraiya to Tsunade

Love don't come so easily
This doesn't have to end in tragedy
I have you and you have me
We're one and a million why can't you see

I'm waitin', waitin' for nothing
You're leavin', leavin' me hanging
When did your heart go missing?
I treat you alike a princess

Time is Running Out-Muse

General Sannin

bury it
I won't let you bury it
I won't let you smother it
I won't let you murder it
our time is running out
you can't push it underground
you can't stop it screaming out
how did it come to this?

*If anyone really wants them I can track them down on youtube.
Friday, November 2nd, 2007
12:57 am
Tsunade Cosplay
So, I thought you all here at the com might like to see my Tsunade Halloween costume. Follow the link:

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Monday, September 17th, 2007
9:32 am
[Fic] The Bet
I bring fic!

Title: The Bet
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Jiraiya x Tsunade
Genre: Angsty, with a vague dollop of romance
Warnings: Manga spoilers up through 370
Rating: PG
Summary: Tsunade's bets may have more power than she realizes. But can they bring Jiraiya back from his suicide mission?

Read it here
Wednesday, July 4th, 2007
6:04 pm
Sanin chronology up to Kyubi attack
Playing around with making a Konoha chronology for events relating the Sanin (some just tangently) A few of these are guestimates based on the chronology of other related events.

As they have a calendar but we don't get years I'm going to base this on the year Konoha was founded as year 0.
Year 0- Konoha founded, Tsunade's grandfather and great uncle become First and Second Hokage together and the First begins to train a team that includes Sarutobi, the future Third Hokage

Year 3- the First and Second Hokage declare Sarutobi as their successor to become Third Hokage upon the last's death.

Year 7- Dan and Sukumo Hatake born

Year 10- Sanin and Dan's younger sister born

Year 12- Dan and Sakumo enter Academy

Year 13- Sakumo graduates and becomes Genin

Year 14- Nawaki born

Year 14 or 15- First Hokage dies in battle

Year 15- Sanin and Dan's younger sister enters Academy

Year 16- Sanin graduate Academy and become Genin, training under Sarutobi. Fugaku Uchiha born

Year 17- Dan graduates Academy and becomes Genin

Year 19- Nawaki enters the Academy

Year 20- Second Hokage likely dies around this time and Sarutobi becomes Third Hokage. Sanin become Chunin (no official Chunin exams at this time).

Year 21- Mikoto Uchiha born. Fugaku Uchicha enters Academy.

Year 23- Fourth Hokage born. Fugaku graduates Academy and becomes Genin

Year 25- Nawaki and Dan's younger sister graduate the Academy and becomes Genin.

Year 26- Nawaki dies the day after his 12th birthday. Mikoto Uchiha enters Academy. Tsunade faces off against Chiyo and counters every one of Chiyo's poisons. The Sanin begin to be known as such.

Year 27- Third Hokage's wife has first child, a daughter.

Year 28- Fourth Hokage enters Academy. Sakumo, now known by the nickname "White Fang" due to great skill with his chakra sword fighting, battles Chiyo's son and daughter in-law and kills them, leaving young Sasori in his grandmother's care.

Year 32- Shizune born

Year 33- Fourth Hokage graduates Academy and becomes Genin, training under Jiraiya. Dan's sister dies in battle and he takes custody of Shizune. Dan and Tsunade meet and begin to date. Third Hokage's son, Asuma Sarutobi born.

Year 34- Dan dies of fatal injuries sustained in battle. Tsunade retires due to severe post tramatic stress and leaves Konoha with a very young Shizune. Kakashi Hatake born. Fourth Hokage becomes Jiraiya's apprentice.

Year 37- Shizune enters Academy. Tsunade's gambling addiction begins. Orochimaru begins his large scale "experiments" on others: the first with injecting cloned genes of the First Hokage into 60 newborns. He believes all died, but unknown to him, one does survive and is hidden away by ANBU- Tenzo/Yamato.

Year 39- Kakashi Hatake, Rin and Obito Uchiha enter Academy. Kakashi graduates within the year

Year 40- Kakashi takes Chunin exam and becomes Chunin

Year 41- Sakumo Hatake's has a mission that ends in disastrous failure. This makes him go mad and kill himself, and turns Kakashi into a rigid ninja rules enforcer. Anko enters the Academy. Shizune graduates the Academy, and returns to Tsunade to become her apprentice.

Year 42- Itachi Uchiha born

Year 43- Rin and Obito graduate the academy and become Genin, joining Kakashi on a team training under the Fourth Hokage.

Year 44- Rin and Obito pass the Chunin Exam

Year 45- A young Jyuugo finds Orochimaru and begs him for help from the murderous insanity that his curse seal power causes him. Orochimaru locks him up at a secret base and takes some of his DNA for new experiment with this curse seal. Anko and 9 other academy students become the first victims of this experiment. Anko is the only survivor of this first trial. Shizune briefly returns to Konoha to take and pass the Chunin exam.

Year 46- Anko graduates the Academy and becomes a Genin and Orochimaru's apprentice. Obito dies and the Fourth officially becomes Hokage upon the Third's retirement. Orochimaru leaves Konoha in anger at not being chosen as Hokage. Anko goes along with him with a misguided hero worship. Jiraiya chases after him trying to persuade him to return to Konoha. Orochimaru mocks this and the two fight to a standstill. Orochimaru leaves and Jiraiya gives up on trying to persuade him to return.

Year 47- A rebelling Asuma, rejects his father and goes to serve the Fire country's daimyo. Jiraiya becomes an informal spy for Konoha, following Orochimaru's movements. Orochimaru joins Akatsuki.

Year 48- Sakura Haruno, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha born. The Fourth Hokage battles the Kyubi, seals the demon inside a newborn boy- Naruto. Naruto's mother dies in childbirth. The Fourth dies as a sacrifice for the jutsu that sealed the demon fox in Naruto. Iruka's parents die in the Kyubi attack as well. A disillusioned Anko returns and reports much of Orochimaru's activities, and she passes the Chunin exams. Jiraiya contacts Tsunade and tells her what happened in Konoha as he decides to permanently take on the role of wandering spy for Konoha. Third Hokage resumes leadership in Konoha
Monday, June 4th, 2007
12:48 am
Hello and Welcome!
I saw there wasn't a Tsunade and Jiraiya community on live journal yet and decided to create one.

They are a fun snarky middle aged couple. They've been friends since they were children and have this undercurrent of sexual attraction at this time of their lives. They aren't a romantic couple (both too cynical for that after all they've lived through) but are definitely have some deep emotional bond with each other.

Tsunade has a romantic love in her past with Dan, and that adds another shade to her character. Despite Jiraiya's nature, Tsunade has a special place in his heart, and clearly did even when he was a less cyncial (but just as perverted ;) young man.

There's also the matter of their history with the third member of their team the dark and ultimately evil Orochimaru. Tsunade and Jiraiya both were scarred by their team mate's turn toward the dark and betrayal of Konoha.

Much like Naruto, Jiraiya attempted several times to beg Orochimaru to come back to Konoha, unsucessfully. Even Tsunade has a part of herself that remembered Orochimaru as her team mate and gave him chances that she wouldn't have done otherwise. This situation in their past also colors the way Jiraiya and Tsunade view Naruto and Sakura's team mate Sasuke and his status as a missing nin. They see the paralell with their team mate but throw all that dashed hope about Orochimaru into support for Naruto and Sakura's desperate belief that Sasuke can be brought back and be part of their team again.

I'm looking forward to getting a discussion started on this facinating couple.
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